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Backcountry Maps

UG is passionate about beautifully executed recreational maps. Because of this, we have developed the Backcountry Maps series. These large scale topographic maps accurately & aesthetically represent the natural terrain and provide the perfect backdrop to overlay all of your outdoor recreational data. These data may be trails (hiking, biking, or equestrian), routes (paddling or climbing), or just a recreational playground.



Although our specialty is our Backcountry Maps series, we do offer the full gamut of custom cartographic services. There are two primary types of maps; Reference (Locator) and Thematic (Statistical/Infographics). Most people are familiar with reference maps, these include road, city, park, and location maps among 1000s or others. Thematic cartography is the mapping of statistical data. These maps typically accompany articles, blogs, books, or any kind of text. They are used in lieu of 10s or 100s of rows & columns of numbers. They are designed to allow the reader to quickly understand complex data in a matter of seconds.



In order to produce aesthetically pleasing maps, one must have a solid command of Graphic Design concepts: UG possesses these skills. Because of this, we offer our services for any of your graphic design needs. We can develop Marks/Logos, Rebrands, or Creative Assets & Concepts for your company or non-profit.